Acquire customer base. Get your customers coming back more often. Grow your business with a highly engaging mobile app.


More Than Just a Loyalty App

We’ve created a range of time-saving features that facilitate customers engagement and satisfaction. Increase customers’ visit frequency, retention, and loyalty with a variety of features to fit your business needs.


Your Loyal Customers Deserve to be Rewarded

GMO AppCapsule makes you able to create an app for your brand or business that automatically engages its users, converting any customers into a member.

Offering behavior-based rewards and loyalty programs, will transform your brand or business into a native part of your customers’ phone.

How the Solution Works

Fit your business needs with branding elements, theme, and the navigation bar. Enjoy various layout options that will encourage your audience to engage and enjoy your app.

Engage your customers with business features, enable your customers to book group and individual meetings or room with simple booking features, send notifications and chat live for better communication, send coupons to promote products and service.

AppCapsule Admin, enables you to see a live preview of your app with every change you make, manage and streamline different elements of your business, promote and engage with customers anytime, anywhere.


Create and Launch your own in-store Mobile App


Now your customers can enjoy exclusive deals, discounted gift cards, cash-back offers and more—all in one place. Simply show your phone at checkout.


Every time your customers make a purchase or a sale they simply hand over their phone to your member of staff who enters a passcode on your app and the “digital card” is stamped. Easy peasy! They don’t need hassle of carrying those cards with them everywhere!


Add location awareness and geo marketing capabilities to your mobile app. With a powerful set of tools for managing thousands of outdoor regions and delivering highly targeted mobile content to nearby consumers, it helps retail marketers understand and engage with mobile consumers across the entire shopping journey.


An online reservation system is a way to get direct sales and manage revenue for hotels, inns, or even B&B. It is a good way to keep your customers happy and avoid common misunderstandings. You can promote your online reservation platform by offering discounts to those who use it. You can also use the information stored on the platform to send marketing campaigns by email or SMS.

Connect to us in a simple way

Below are the steps how would AppCapsule helps you to improve enterprise performance.

Identify which aspects of your enterprise that can be run effectively, need interactive data or still being conducted manually.
Consult these needs to us; thus, we can identify and utilize the Appcapsule features that solve your enterprise needs.
Contact us for any question or feedback during your trial period.
Talk to us on fully utilizing APPCAPSULE exclusively for your enterprise.

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Designed exclusively to support your business success. Both for you and your staffs. You’re about to explore how to prepare your company to be globally competent and best practices in staffs and develop strategies for training. It’s a really good opportunity for your company to be exposed to a wide range of prospective business.

Person who users can talk to

Meet Cindy Monica the host, she is a passionate and dedicated person who is eager to help you with your business needs. Consult Cindy for any questions or suggestions regarding effective integration of Teammore to your business.


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