Why Team More?

Team More is an exclusive enterprise or community one-stop mobile platform. The platform is a media to broadcast, store, and retrieve different types information. Team More has the following features to enhance the efficiency of enterprise communication:


These features are beneficial to enhance the efficiency of enterprise business aspects such as Management, Employees, HR, Sales, and IT.

For the Management

  • It’s ready-to-go: the application is ready for your company’s use with minimal customization and is compatible with almost all smartphones in the market.
  • It’s low-priced: low setup fee plus monthly fee based on number of user. No additional charge for app update and maintenance.
  • It’s cost effective: integrated solution that streamlines procedures, reducs manpower and increases productivity.
  • It’s boundless – update can be disseminated to all your employees no matter where they are.
  • it’s secured-enterprise-grade security with AES-256 encryption to prevent unauthorized access and remote wipe technology (IOS 7 + / Android 4.0) to erase all sensitive data stored in your employee’s phone.
  • It’s environmental-friendly-paperless operation not only reduces costs but also a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative to enhance your company image.

For the Employees

  • It’s all-in-one: fast and easy access to your company’s information on a single platform.
  • It’s convenient: everything you need in your own device without a need to carry an extra company BlackBerry.
  • It’s user-friendly: just a touch of the screen brings you information you need whenever you go.
  • it’s updated: all information is updated in real-time by the administrators through Content Management System (CMS).

For the HR – save time and man power

The news and Calendar features allow the HR administrator to announce news, broadcast events and to collect feedback from a central portal, while the e-form builder provides an easy framework to create e-forms, send notification and to gather results from the CMS directly.

For the IT – full control with minimal supervision

Once the application is set up, if it is your IT team to take complete control, including the mechanism to erase data remotely when an employee is no longer associated with the company. There will not be any extra burden on your team’s shoulder where we can work out a customized package to comply with your company’s IT policy and more importantly to do all the maintenance and hosting tasks.

For the Sales – grab business quick and easy

Your salespersons no longer need to bring piles of product catalogs when meeting with clients. The mobile product catalog is a handy sales tool with comprehensive details and well-designed visuals where specific product details can be easily shared upon client’s request. Possible integration and customization can also be done to allow a real-time check on prices and inventory without delay. The e-form builder allows salespersons to create product order forms for clients, thereby giving them advantage to grab business on the go.

Ease of use and benefits of Team More to other solutions.

teammoreBenefitCollaboration and communication within the enterprise can be done using several applications to achieve file or data sharing, news information, broadcasting within the company group, or posting video training. These independent apps are not integrated among each of them, an app is designed with special purpose but these apps are not connected. This restriction hardens the process of monitoring, and managing the information sharing between the stakeholders.

Team More is a mobile application that enables file or data sharing, news information, broadcasting within the company group, or posting video training. Therefore, with the flexibility, it can be implemented in many types of industry such as retail industry or service oriented industry. Team More enables content management system to set the information sharing and using mobile technology to spread the information, and working more effectively.

The following illustration elaborates the point of Team More benefits over the other solutions.

Modules of Team More

Team More is an application that ease the process of information sharing and management. The information is shared using the latest mobile technology while enables the setup of information from content management system that integrated with Team More.

Team More integrates the functionality of common modules that available in markets in addition to the vantage modules that the application has in order to broadcast the information. The following information describes the functionality of Team More.


This module implements the following technology to deliver efficient information.

  • The new generation “Push & Link” Intranet
  • “SMART ATTACH” support
  • Push notifications
  • Message “read” reports and statistics
  • Advanced search with offline access to news archives


  • Grab your business swiftly
  • Full product catalog access
  • Integration capability with your existing ERP systems
  • Simultaneous update
  • Real-time check on prices and inventory


  • Everything is on the cloud
    • Easy-to-retrieve documents
    • Hosting on cloud keeps app size minimal
    • Bookmark center
    • Link Wizard for sharing via Team Chat

Remote wipe technology to ensure company security


  • The intelligent in-App learning algorithm
    • Built-in learning algorithm
    • System-generated quiz results and statistics
    • Training strategies and evaluation of staff performance


  • Personalized schedule makes work easier
    • Push notifications for upcoming events
    • RSVP with system-generated attendance report
    • Customized calendars – by department / individual staff with duty roaster
    • Export events and schedule to personal calendar
    • Bookmark events and automatic reminder


  • “Like & Share” on your company’s social network
    • Web 2.0 concept: “Everyone is a Contributor”
    • Bookmark center
    • Link Wizard for sharing via Team Chat
    • “Like” and “Share” on app or social media platform


  • The green and paperless workflow
    • Simple e-form builder to create e-forms and establish e-workflow with approval process
    • Push notifications
    • HTML5 for cross-platform access via the app or email
    • Collect data and reports through CMS


  • The interactive enterprise publication
    • Easy-to-use self-publishing system
    • Sophisticated “flip” style outlook
    • Embedded interactive elements (such as video, photo album, map, e-form, etc.)


  • The enterprise-grade “Whatsapp” and more
    • “SMART ATTACH” support – Link Wizard for sharing attachment (image, video, documents, events, etc.)
    • Easy-to-search company directory
    • Group chat and tagging system
    • In-App VPN and 256-bit encryption to ensure security

Content Management System


Team More enables one place content management setting, with informative and friendly interface. These interfaces include the following modules:

  1. Login / Dashboard.
  2. Mobile Device Management.
  3. Push Notification.
  4. Access Right Control.
  5. Form Builder.
  6. Catalog Builder
  7. Newsletter Builder.

Business practices with team More

Team More has been implemented in different types of businesses. The application has helped improve the efficiency of the following business practices:

  • Enterprise/ Community Intra App
  • Sales Tools
  • Publishing Engine
  • Event Management