What is Rapid Enterprise App Builder?

It’s a comprehensive application builder to create enterprise grade solution application of web and mobile apps with near minimum coding. Adapted for any platform and devices whether it’s mobile or web.


Why is Rapid Enterprise App Builder?

Enterprises demand fast and efficient business processes in order to reach the projected goals and milestones. Efficient business processes can be done by converting manual business processes into automatic steps. Automation can be implemented by utilizing latest mobile and web technology applications within business routines and transactions.

Developing an effective web and mobile applications involves careful planning and execution that may be resource and time consuming. The development would start from understanding business logic, identifying and creating the related forms; then, is followed by drafting and adopting the correct business flows.

Key Features of Rapid Enterprise App Builder

Rapid Enterprise App Builder is one of the most powerful Webform, Workflow, Dashboard, Calendar, Reports, Mobile App Development Tool. The Rapid Enterprise App Builder utilizes easy to use 4 designer modules to create a powerful platform. The designer modules are the following:

Webform Designer

The form designer allows you to create data entry forms, search forms as well as information-display forms. There are two ways to create a form: Generate forms from an existing set of tables, or create a form from scratch. When you use Rapidflows, you do not have to bother yourself with the mundane task of binding your screens to the database. This is done for you automatically. The following details the features of the form designer.

Workflow Designer

The workflow designer is one of the key components that set Rapidflows apart from its RAD competitors. The workflow designer allows you to create workflows visually via drag and drop, and then attach them to data entry forms, so that filled-up forms can be routed to different levels of staff for approval. The workflow engine does much more than this, including task escalation, delegation, e-mail reminders and even pushing information out to third party back-end systems.

Mobile App Designer

The mobile app designer is the latest release for Rapid4. With just a single click, you can transform all your forms immediately to a form that runs natively on the smartphone, smartwatch and tablet devices. Rapid4 fully supports iOS and Android.

Other Designers

The views designer is a rich toolset that allows you to visualize your data in different formats. Once data has been entered by your users through a form, it can be visualized using one of four types of views below.