University Management Solutions are the state of the art management tools to improve quality of service and efficiency within the higher education system. The solutions consist of five main modules which are:

  1. Marketing / Student Recruitment / Admission Modules.
  2. Student Management Modules.
  3. Student Services Modules
  4. Student Communication Modules
  5. Academic Delivery Modules

The solutions cover the business process of University from Student recruiting process until academic management modules. The following flow would describe the business process of University Management Solutions.


With over 20 years of experience the University Management Solutions have implemented industry standard operating procedure (SOP) for the campus policies; these procedures include the following:

  • Study Intake handling for academic calendar, repeat student with different period and assessment / grading handling.
  • Academic semester and semester number differences.
  • Student Course statuses, Student Subject status and student exam status handling.
  • GPA/CGPA calculation with various different policies.
  • Finance handling for odd transactions :
    • Multiple scholarship/sponsorship for the same student , for the same study period
    • Refund and advance / overpayment differential handling
    • Revenue recognition / revenue amortization handling.
  • Familiar with both local and international industry policies.

proven technology platform

The solutions are effective and secure, they are held over cloud technology. Therefore, with minimum infrastructure and cost, the system can be implemented in relatively fast and secure manner. The solutions are maintained and improved by qualified professionals. They use the latest trend and technology so that Universities may cut down on maintainance and improvement costs from hiring their own IT professionals.

University Management Solutions use the following proven technology platform:

  • Oracle Database and APEX HTML – TRUE Cloud platform. Multi Tenants Cloud Design.
  • Build based on 20 years of rich education software development experience.
  • Parameter driven system with minimum source code alteration when University grow.
  • Convert from existing database structure, with rich designed features to handle unlimited program/course and high volume of transactions.
  • Runs on all computers, notebooks, smart phones, tablets and mobile devices.

University Management Solutions have had successful history of implementation for over 20 years of experience; refer to the following successful implementations and backgrounds:

  • Completed BAT projects (Build and Transfer with source code).
  • Completed implementation for multiple campuses (largest is 345 campuses, ).
  • Designed and developed large and complicated project which consists of 8,000 users online to a single cloud database.
  • Equipped with large project management experience (345 campuses, project amount of US $5.1 Million).
  • Completed Implementation for International Universities:
    • Nottingham University Malaysia.
    • Maldives Islamic University.

University Management Solutions focus on efficiently manage the enterprise aspect of the Universities. The solutions are equipped with the management dashboard for the management to make a quick and correct decision or forecast future development of the university. The management dashboard includes the following features:

  • Included a CEO / Management office dashboard with attractive, interactive graphics and drill down functionalities.
  • Runs on all Smart Phone and Ipad with HD screen display.
  • Easy operate by Senior Management via all mobile devices.
  • All daily and operation information available for fast and quick decision making.
  • Build with 20years of industry experience on ‘What University wants to know about their campus’

The solutions pay attention on user friendliness and experiences through the use of guided wizard screen. The wizard screens are implemented in the following manners:

  • System comes with industrial standard practices SOP.
  • All SOP process flow guided with Wizard screen, provide full prove user ‘walkthrough’ experience when performing a functions, example:
    • Express Registration of a student with program / course, subject and Invoice with only 2 simple steps.

prominent Clients

University management solutions have been implemented in some prominent universities such as the following: