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Let’s open our horizon, broaden our dreams and goals to make our University into one of the best higher education that many can identify and be proud of. Let us handle all the hassle of university management, so that you can focus on delivering the best education and reach the pinnacle of education.


Discover a World-class University Management System

University Management System Technology is changing rapidly in every second, adjusting to the changes essential to the livelihood of the University. University management system has engaged in educational industry for over 18 years. We are the first to offer self-implement cloud base campus management system. We help universities by providing a total platform of integrated ERP solutions with the financial integration to industrial standard financial software such as Oracle, SAP, AccPac and many others.


Why Use UMS?

More than 20 modules to suit with any university needs.

Manage all important aspects of educational industry from marketing and admission modules to promote the educational principles of your University, academic delivery modules to manage students academicals needs such as test management and periodical grade report, until student portal.

Access for lecturers and parents.

UMS provides a portal for parents to monitor their children educational progress as well as for lecturers to interact between parents and lecturers.

Management dashboard to help overview the whole operation KPI.
20 years of experience in education industry and still going.
Have created and set many industry standard operating procedure ( SOP ) for the campus policies.
Familiar with both local and international industry policies

Essential Features

Introducing UMS main features that change the standard of University Management System.

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Management Dashboard

Included a CEO / Management office dashboard with attractive, interactive graphics and drill down functionalities to let you know about your campus well. Easy operate by Senior Management via all mobile devices. All daily and operation information available for fast and quick decision making.

HR and Payroll

Besides giving the best service for the students, a good university also needs to pay attention to their staffs. This feature can help the university to manage the human resources in the institution, help the institution to calculate reimbursements, bonuses, overtime and holiday pay.

Time tabling

Students can manage their day-to-day schedule, including the class, extracurricular, and other activities (teamwork, doing homework, etc). Students can view modules, course, and room timetables. There’s also for curriculum service that includes module and procedures.

Hostel accommodation management

University usually consist of people from many areas. Certainly they will need a place to live in that city, especially near campus. This feature helps the student to find their comfy place to live in. They can find the living places based on their budget because this feature provides the detail about the places, including the living cost and facilities.

How We may help to find the best University Management System.

Good-listener consultant to discuss the needs

Tell us about your curriculum and education system needs. Our work starts with listening. We listen to our customers and try to understand the needs.

Choose a package

Depending on your requirement of needs, we will give you some packages of features related with your needs and you can choose the packages which need to be applied for your education systems.

Sit back, relax, and get your work done

Publish your systems to the students for their better future!

Enjoy the services and solutions we provide

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Designed exclusively to support your high level academic success. Both for you and your student. You’re about to explore how to prepare your student to be globally competent and best practices in teacher and develop strategies for teaching. It’s a really good opportunity for you to be exposed to a wide range of prospective students.

Person who you can talk to

Meet Cindy Monica the host, she is a passionate and dedicated person who is eager to help you with your educational management needs. Consult Cindy for any questions or suggestions regarding effective integration of UMS to your University culture.


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