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Higher education has become a necessity; through education more opportunities come in your way. Given the capacity that you have, how would u maximize your chance of getting the best education? How would you as a counselor works more effectively and productive? Or how the upper education managements can introduce innovations and suggestions to improve the livelihood of the organization?

The answer is through detail and correct data interpretation; collecting data on user behavior, marketing strategy, and satisfaction level can be indicator to formulate decisions making that is correct and beneficial to all the involve parties.



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We believe inspiration can come at any moment; you may be away from your sanctuary and unexpectedly the idea appears. Chance can also come at any moment, your success depends on how fast and good you handle these chances. Therefore, mobility is the key factor; enabling you to response faster and collect information better will improve your success rate.

Let us introduce Teammore, a mobile platform that do just that, consider the following benefits:


Access Teammore in your own convenience time, manage your time and utilize your time 

Centralized Management System

Teammore is made to model Asian Business practices; where the upper management have the access to all information required. Teammore simplify the information gathering.

Effective use of Technology

Teammore using the latest mobile technology to help deliver messages faster, effective, and secure.

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Discover Rapid4, the latest mobile technology to grow your business and to take advantage of the new emerging markets. Rapid4 enables you to cut time and resources on digitizing your business flows and activities; therefore, improving the productivity and efficiency that in turn would improve the overall profit margin. The enhancement in internet and mobile technology ease many of daily tasks as well as to reach customers much faster.

Act now to acquire shares in this promising market by utilizing the modern digital technology without the concern of creating and maintaining IT department.


Educational Solutions

Digital Education & Innovation

We always improve ourselves in providing educational solutions to help organization with the problems related to education activity. Simpler daily activities would result in more productive allocation of time and resources, this is the goal that we want to achieve.

Enterprise Solutions

Real World Enterprise Solutions

We understand the need of making fast and correct decision based on informed data. Therefore, we always try to introduce solutions that enhance the quality of service and in turn will improve the standard living of all.

Our Missions

It has been our greatest passion to identify potential and to empower it to reach its full potential. With the right solutions and methods we believe that we can achieve the maximum result.

Our Partnership

We work collaboratively with each partner to provide the Most Effective Solution & Measurable Result



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