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Fitur yang akan membuat event anda menjadi spektakuler

Dengan semangat inovasi yang menginspirasi, kami dengan bangga memperkenalkan sejumlah fitur unggulan yang akan mengubah pengalaman Anda.

Dari fungsionalitas canggih hingga desain yang menawan, setiap fitur dirancang dengan teliti untuk memenuhi kebutuhan dan memberikan nilai tambah yang tak terlupakan. Mari kita jelajahi bersama fitur-fitur istimewa yang akan membawa pengalaman Anda ke level berikutnya!

Online Ticketing & Registration

Free Event Listing

- Free online exposures
- Nearby Event
- Upcoming & Happening
- Proven seo & event ranking

General Admission

- Sports events
- Conference & business events
- Webinar & virtual events
- Festivals, tours & theme parks

Seating Chart

- Free seating map setup
- Concerts & theatres
- Gala Dinners
- Cinemas

Free Form Submission

- Google Liked Form
- Unlimited Submission
- Responses Reporting
- Check-In Enabled

Participant Management

- Full-fledge participant manager
- Edit participant data easily
- Check-in with scan/single click
- Import and export with ease

Flexible Rates

- Flexible handling fee
- Organizer can choose to absorb, or pass-on - the fee to buyer
- Lower rates for NGO events

Virtual Run Solution

- Virtual run result uploader
- Set virtual run upload period
- Link to e-certificate feature
- Complete report for run results

Private Event

- Private Business Events
- Hidden from seo and listings
- Password-protected registration


- Issue e-certificate per ticket sold
- Customizable design
- Control e-cert based on ticket type or check-in status

QR E-Ticket

- QR ticket for all valid purchase
- Used for event check-in
- Printable design. Can be printed out or show directly from device

Table Management

- Assign participants to table
- Live table monitoring
- Easily checks for empty seats and assign accordingly

Event Dashboard & Reporting

- All event stats are always online
- View ticket sold instantly
- Analytic on ticket sold based on date, ticket type and more

Facial Recognation

- Check-in by face recognition
- User register their faces prior to event day or on-site
- Contactless check-in

Payment Gateway Provider

- Direct setlement to your bank account
- Inclusive Ticketing System + White Labelling
- Special rates for long-term partner

Theme Park Management System

- All-In-One Ticketing + Check-In System
- Fast deploy, Calendar Mode, Promotion and -Customization
- OTA and Agent Management

Online Registration & On-Site Check In

QR Invitation

- Customizable e-invitation with own logo/design
- Optimized for mobile devices
- Invitation sent before event day

Gate Control

- Suitable for conference with multiple halls
- Track each user entrance
- Limit entrance by ticket

On-site Purchase

- Debit card terminal rental
- Cashless payment on-site
- Prevent lost of funds
- Support various e-wallet as well

Badge Printing

- Print badges instantly upon check-in
- Customizable design and size
- Badge, card, wrist band and etc.

Live Check In Statistics

- Check in statistics
- Linkable to table check in
- Manage crowds and seats at ease

Mesh Networking

- Amplifies wifi signal for better connections
- Suitable for venue with bad connections

Check-In App

- Organizer mobile app
- Check-in easily with single mobile device
- Supports android and ios

Exhibitor Lead Manager

- Distributes to each exhibitor
- Scan participant badge to collect leads in replace of namecards
- Add remarks instantly for future reference

Event Interactives

Quick Webinar

- Register, Login, Import
- Livestream, Chatroom, Check-In
- Lucky Draw, Winner List
- Survey, Polling, 24/7 Reporting

Lucky Draw Sysrem

- Draw winners from participant
- Customizable design
- Various draw methods
- Slot numbers, or rolling names

Treasure Hunt System

- Suitable for exhibitions
- Participant complete quests while visiting booth
- Scan QR and answer questions

Live Poll/Survey

- Dynamic survey form
- Collect user feedbacks or vote
- Provide interaction on event day
- Customizable poll results display

Chat Room

- Interactive chat room
- Username and Badword filtered
- Unlimited chats and users allow
- Best for Virtual Auditorium, Membership and Group Chats

Wheel of Fortune

- Standalone Lucky Draw
- Choose from 8, 10, 12, 32 slices
- Customizable logo, background, banners
- iPad, Smart Phone, Touch Screen

AI Photo

- AI Facial Detect and Photo Finder
- Photographer drag & drop upload
- Selfie / upload photo - Auto Face Finder
- Free download / add to cart / payment

POS System

- TPOSv1 - Ticket2U POS System
- Inventory, SKU, QR/Barcode Scan
- Suitable for Merchandise and F&B Sales
- Payment Terminal Provided


Banyak cara Anda dapat menghubungi Koordinator Acara Ticket2u

Langsung saja hubungi tim profesional kami untuk konsultasi event yang akan anda kembangkan