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Delivering all of your restaurant business critical applications and data from a cloud platform can be hugely advantageous to you


F&B Business Struggles

Life in the F&B or restaurant business can be one of the most rewarding around. It can also represent something of a struggle, as the need to boost revenue in the face of rising customer demands weighs heavily on your mind. Increased levels of competitiveness and the cost of keeping a restaurant afloat are also common issues surrounding today’s establishments.

Leading chains F&B business are tapping into a resource which can solve a range of issues around profits, experience, satisfaction and more. We’re talking about data and how it can transform the way a restaurant attracts and retains a customer base.

Turning Data into Action

Armed with your in-depth understanding of customer behavior, you can now use a customer engagement solution, to draw actionable insights and create automated campaigns.

Your campaigns can be adjusted according to your business’s needs, whether that’s to drive loyalty program membership, repeat sales, bring back dormant customers, or make their visits more frequent.

From looking at the above you should start to see how data can bring a number of benefits to the table. What’s important is that you’re finding out ways of using your information for good, with a clear idea of how you can generate, analyze, and utilize data within your operation.

Many restaurants are using customer engagement solutions due to a requirement to centralize the various elements of data-driven marketing. One of the solutions we can help you with is AppCapsule, which enables you to offer personalized customer experiences by targeting people based on their profiles, preferences, and purchase history.

It enables you to segment and tag an audience to create specific campaigns based on your own business’s goals.

We Provide you with the Solution

Below are the steps how would our solution helps you to improve enterprise performance.


Personal lifestyle is another big focus for today’s restaurants. Using information from your customer database, you can encourage repeat business by issuing special offers on products you know a customer will enjoy. That could be anything from a new veggie burger for vegetarians or a discount for families that dine together.


Now your customers can enjoy exclusive deals, discounted gift cards, cash-back offers and more—all in one place. Simply show your phone at checkout.


Every time your customers make a purchase or a sale they simply hand over their phone to your member of staff who enters a passcode on your app and the “digital card” is stamped. Easy peasy! They don’t need hassle of carrying those cards with them everywhere!


Add location awareness and geo marketing capabilities to your mobile app. With a powerful set of tools for managing thousands of outdoor regions and delivering highly targeted mobile content to nearby consumers, it helps retail marketers understand and engage with mobile consumers across the entire shopping journey.


An online reservation system is a way to get direct sales and manage revenue for hotels, inns, or even B&B. It is a good way to keep your customers happy and avoid common misunderstandings. You can promote your online reservation platform by offering discounts to those who use it. You can also use the information stored on the platform to send marketing campaigns by email or SMS.


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